Worldfest-Houston (Day 3 thru 10) 2014



C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine was invited by Hunter Todd, the founder and organizer of Worldfest-Houston to attend the 47th Annual  2014 Worldfest-Houston International Independent Film Festival in Houston, Texas running April 4th through April 13th. All screenings were at the AMC Studio 30 Dunvale Theater. 

WE attended some of the screenings and sampled some of the feature movies, but we couldn't attend all of them. We made a conscious effort to introduce ourselves to some of the moviemakers in the theatre and welcomed them to the City of Houston and to Texas. Showing our southern hospitality, we were able to catch a few filmmakers and got to talk to them prior to the screening of their projects to learn more about them and the concepts they were about to display on the screen. 

We sampled movies like Director Kathryn Palmateer and Shawn Whitney's "A Brand New You", Director Andrew Fisher's "Seeing Each Other", Director Cesar Encalada's "Agent Killer: Origins", Director Alan Clay's "Courting Chaos", Director Nigel Dick's "Berlin Calling", Director Patrizio Gioffredi's "Daydreaming" (Sogni Di Gloria), Director Vitaly Vorabyov's "Inseparable", Director John Le Blanc's "Dog Down", Director Mars Horodyski's "Ben's At Home", Director Gian Ceccato's "Are You A Pilgrim?", Director Charles Propst, Jr's "Critical Mass", Director Lance Marshall's "The Demon Deep in Oklahoma", Director Quiroz's "Cager", and Director Brad Birkeland's "The Invitation".  April 13th, 2014 marks the end of this year's festival. To learn more about Worldfest-Houston and to see a winner's list visit: 

C47Houston presents "Some of the People We Meet": 







We also attended Opening night and were there for Day 2. You can see those pictures below.

(See the pictures)

(See the pictures)

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