The Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP) presents Tom Vaughan



Screenwriter and Director Tom Vaughan was in Houston to present a workshop about screenwriting and the Quick Pitch at the SWAMP offices in Houston. Mr. Vaughan is currently living in Los Angeles but visits his hometown of Houston when he can. C47Houston photographer Cinnamon Auld of CinaPix Studios was there and took some shots. There wasn't a big crowd or a whole lot of people there but those that did attend were treated to some inside information about getting their project pitched and picked-up. Mr. Vaughan holds these classes on a regular basis in Houston and in Los Angeles. Mr. Vaughan is a sceenwriter and a director in his own right. His first feature movie "Playing House" is in distribution and doing quite well. 

Learn more about Tom Vaughan on facebook.  And, learn more about photographer Cinnamon Auld on facebook as well under Cinapix and under Cinnamon Auld. 






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