LimeLight Profile: Mr. Tahl Rozycki




This month C-47 Houston is pleased to talk with Houstonian Tahl Rozycki. Tahl is an actor, model and Veterinarian with his own practice. Dr. Rozycki has acted in numerous films as both lead and supporting characters. This actor is versatile in his skills of accents, as well as his impressions of Rodney Dangerfield, David Letterman and a German professor. Tahl Rozycki is currently represented by The Neil Hamil Agency. He was kind enough to answer several questions for C-47 Houston and we are pleased to chat with him.


C-47: How did you get into Acting?

Mr. Rozycki: I got into acting because of Mary Anne Duffy. Mary Anne was the founder of the Mad Hatter Talent Agency right here in Houston. She had been my modeling agent when I was in College. In 2000, she showed up in my hospital with a sick cat. I am a veterinarian. At first, she didnít remember me. Then, Mary Anne explained to me that she was the new agent at the Neal Hamil Agency for actors. The following year, I began my acting career.

 C-47: What is your style of Acting?

Mr. Rozycki: Well, I try to identify with the character I am playing as much as possible, at the time. I will read up on and research the role and character and try to get into a mind set that I think the director will want to see from this actor and that will play well with the film we are about to make.

 C-47: What roll do you favor?

Mr. Rozycki: I love to do comedy, but I am open to any type of role that I may find interesting. I donít like to limit myself. I donít have any acting role models. I just try to be me.

 C-47: Is it hard to be an actor in the Houston area?

Mr. Rozycki: It is hard to be an actor in Houston. Many of us have a non-acting, full-time jobs and have to work around that. For me, specifically, I am a veterinarian. When I have a role that I want to play, I have to schedule my acting time around my work. Itís very hard.

 C-47: Any advice for new actors?

Mr. Rozycki: Lol! When starting an acting career an actors need training! Training is critical. There are many ways to get training and experience here in this city. The best thing an actor could do is just take acting classes and get involved!

Tahl is active in sports and dancing. He is gifted in several languages and can delivers several accents. Contact the Neil Hamil Agency for more information about Mr. Tahl Rozycki.