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1-time Orders, Subscriptions and Payments

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1. How to Order an Issue: ( 1-time orders )

You can order any issue of C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine or C47Houston WEEKLY as quickly as clicking on any cover. They are delivered in e-format. Once you click on a cover, you will be directed to a payment button via PayPal. Once you order and complete your order, the issue will open automatically (be sure to save the link to read the issue at a different time or at your convenience).  Payments for single issue orders are NOT refundable once order is complete. 

We offer two type of publications 1. our exclusive Bi-Monthly magazines (filled with interviews and expert advice) and, 2. our WEEKLY issues (filled with what is happening last week, this week and the upcoming weeks).

Bi-monthly issue rates vary according to the year issued: 

1. $5 + Tax for any issue published from 2008 through 2010.

2. $8 + Tax for any issue published from 2011 through 2012.

3. $10.50 + Tax for any issue published from 2013 to the end of 2014.

4. $12.50 + Tax for any issue published in 2015.

But, for the best deal, consider a 3 or 6 issue subscription.

C47Houston WEEKLY:

Any, C47Houston WEEKLY is only $2 +Tax ($2.17) 

Just pick an issue click on the cover and order it. Click here:  WEEKLY'S

2. Subscription Rates - Hard-Copy

NOTE:  AS of November 2013, C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine NO LONGER PROVIDES HARDCOPIES.  We are NOW a digital format magazine and you can only order eCopy versions of the magazine. 



For more information email: info@C47Houston.com.

For more information call: 832.431.1898


C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine is not responsible for PayPal's failure to process your funds. We would like to satisfy our customers, however, should there be a question of payment, or a lack thereof, please provide your receipt, invoice, proof of payment or any evidentiary paperwork to show that you are entitled to a subscription, issue or refund, absent payment.


3. Subscription Rates - Electronic Copy (eCopy)

You can subscribe to C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine and save the environment and some of the trees. We will send you an eCopy of the magazine to your listed email address for you to enjoy. You will be the first to see the magazine prior to distribution. The eCopies provide a more interactive issue with play buttons, picture buttons, links and hidden links for your enjoyment. As part of the subscription you will receive our WEEKLY's for FREE.

We offer several options:

Option one:

3 issues of C47Houston delivered to your email address.              

Order and lock in at: $26.40

Option two:

6 issues of C47Houston delivered to your email address.           

Order and lock in at: $51.25

eCopy Subscriptions


Orders are made via PayPal. Our offices must receive your payment to receive your copy of C47Houston Entertainment Magazine or C47Houston WEEKLY and funds must be deposited in OUR PayPal account prior to shipping.

Canceling your Subscription: 

 If you would like to cancel the subscription, you must do so prior to the 25th day of the month. Please request your cancellation by emailing us at info@C47Housotn.com with your name, your mailing address, the date, and your request for canceling the remainder of your subscription. The Subscriber agrees that refunds will NOT be made by cash and refunds for the remainder of the subscription will be made to your PayPal account and will be made within 2 to 3 weeks of request. Payments for single issue orders are NOT refundable once order is complete.


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