Vol. 8 -Sept/Oct 2015



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Director Mike Ugada Presents the Premiere of his new feature movie, "Happiness" 11-19-15 Pixs

Director Wayne Slaten's "Red Pearl" screening at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival's CineSpace, 2015 11-13-15 Pixs

Marketing Producer, Andy Valadez presents C47Houston's Power Coffee Meeting and a Film industry Mix/Mingle 11-05-15 Pixs

Irving Films Double Feature Premiere of Dir. Lakisha Lemons' "Hope" and Dir. Jason Aleman's "Never Quit" 10-29-15 Pixs

The Next International Film Festival, 2015 Some Festival moments 10-14th/17th-15 Pix

The Premiere of Director Ash Davito's new Feature movie "Temp to Fire" 10-01-15 Pixs

The Next International Film Festival, NiFF 2015 pre-Festival Mixer/Mingle 09-30-15 Pixs

The Sneak Peek of Director Chuck Norfolk's "Getting Schooled" 09-28-15 Pixs

The 2015 Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival 09-11th/12th-15 Pixs

The Houston Premiere of Director Marcus Freeman's short movie "The Prank" 08-28-15 Pixs

The Cast/Crew Screening of Director Clay Ayers' "Organizatsiya" 08-28-15 Pixs

The Houston Area Premiere of Director Dwitght "DJ" Yartosky's "Overdose: Death of a Punk Rocker"  07-20-15 Pixs

The Houston Premiere of Director R. Scott Leisk's "Gang Money Run" 07-20-15 Pixs

Director Jeremy Sumrall Premieres his new feature "Pickaxe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter" 09-20-14 Pixs

Director Brett Williams Premieres his new Feature "Mixed Emulsion's" 08-27-14 Pixs

Documentary Filmmaker Jason Woods (aka: DeeJay Flash Gordon Parks) Previews "This Thing We Do" 09-20-14 Pixs

The 5th Annual Comedy Film Festival 08-14-14 Pixs

Director Shawn Welling Screens some AXI Series and his New episode AXI Adamo 08-12-14 Pixs

The Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP) Screens projects made for their TEEN Filmmaking  Camp 08-08-14 Pixs

The Houston Film Commission's First Thursdays Present Cannes Award Winner Director Anahita Ghazvinizadeh 08-07-14 Pixs

The 18th Annual 2014 Houston International GLBT-Q Film Festival 07-24/28-14 Pixs

Director Derek Huey Premieres his new short "Stalking Miss Barlow" 07-17-14 Pixs

The Women in Film & Television Houston's Monthly Mixer 07-09-14 Pixs

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Made in Texas

Made in Houston

The Sept/Oct Issue Features


Movie Composer and Musician Jeff Walton


w/Andy Valadez, Michelle Robinson, Norman Ray Fitts


Our Featured Actress for this issue:  Ms. Holly Dacke

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Vol. 8 - July/August 2015

The July/Aug Issue Features


Film Critic, Producer and Actor Nick Nicholson


w/Andy Valadez, Kristin Cochell, Norman Ray Fitts


Our Featured Actor for this issue:  Mr. Roc Living


Vol. 8 - May/June 2015

The May/June Issue Features


Director, Filmmaker and 14 Pews Artistic Director Cressandra Thibodeaux


w/Andy Valadez, Jemma Evans, Cara Cochran, Travis DeLuca, Giovanni Silva, Anthony Martino


Our Featured Actor for this issue: Dave Maldonado

Our Sept/Oct 2015 Featured Actor:

Ms. Holly Dacek

(see Ms. Dacke's video and Promo <click here


Vol. 8 - March/April 2015

The Mar/Apr Issue Features


Director Carlos Tovar


w/ Norman Fitts, Natasha Fissiak,  Andy Valadez,, 



(The Jan/Feb 2015 issue was not published)

Vol. 7 - Nov/Dec 2014

The Nov/Dec Issue Features


Director Don Okolo


w/ Drew Shotwell, Andy Valadez,, Dir. Kuno Becker, MaryBeth Guidry and Norman Fitts


The Limelight Actress

 Ms. Elizabeth Jackson

(The September/October issue was not published)

Vol. 7 - July/August 2014

The July/Aug Issue Features


Producer/Director and Writer Kat Candler


w/Producer Althria Berry-Goebel, Andy Valadez, Renee Rivon, Amanda Dianne, and Norman Fitts


The Limelight Actress

 Ms. Keefer Barlow

Vol. 7 - May/June 2014

The May/June Issue Features


Producer/Director and Writer Molly Vernon


with our continuing series with Andy Valadez, Van Shotwell, and Norman Fitts


The Limelight Actress

 Ms. Mayra Leal


Vol. 7 - March/April  2014

The Mar/April Issue Features


Dir. James Christopher


with Amanda Marie, Andy Valadez, Michael Walters, Van Shotwell, Norman Fitts and Mayra Leal. 


The Limelight Actress

 Ms. Kat Moon


(the Jan/Feb 2014 issue was not published)

C47Houston's Interview with

Actor Brad Leland

(Vimeo)  (YouTube)

Vol. 6 - Nov/Dec 2013

The Nov/Dec Issue Features:


Producer Tiffany Heath


with Marcus Sabom, Andy Valadez, Paula Solinger, Van Shotwell, Norman Fitts, Damir Catic,  Rakesh Jacob and Chuck Norfolk


The Limelight Actor:

 Mr. Troy Parker



Vol. 6 - Sept/Oct 2013

The Sept/Oct Issue Features:


Festival Dir. Kristian Salinas


w/Roger Palomino, Gina Gheller, Norman Fitts, Laura VonGermeten, Van Shotwell, Carlos Tovar, Hadeed Ahmed and Andy Valadez


The Limelight Actor:

 Ms. Julitta Pourciau

C47Houston Discussions:

"Acting: The Only Thing You Need to Know" <click here>

"What you need to know about making a Movie <click here>

"A Shy Guide to Networking: So You Want to Network"  <click here>

Volume 6 - July/August 2013

The July/Aug Issue Features:


Festival Dir. Hal Wixon


w/Sadie Brook, Josh Vargas, Andy Valadez, Norman Fitts, Sarah Shah, Jim Lawrence, Van Shotwell, Brittany Djie-Mills, Lionell Hilliard, Kelly Raymer


The Limelight Actor:

 Ms. Amy Morris



Director Juven Cavazos

Film Critic, Producer and Actor Nick Nicholson

Actress Holly Dacke

Composer Jeff Walton

Director Jonathan Milton

Executive Producer Justin Milton

Actor Roc Living

Actor Dave Maldonado

Producer/Writer Carlos Tovar

Actress Elizabeth Jackson

Director/Producer  Don Okolo

Austin Director/Writer/Producer Kat Candler 

Actress Keefer Barlow

Producer/Director and Writer Molly Vernon

Actress Mayra Leal

Director James Christopher

Actress Kat Moon


Producer/Actress Tiffany Heath

Actor Troy Parker

QFest-Houston President and Artistic Dir. Kristian Salinas

Actress Julitta Pourciau

Producer of the Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival, Hal Wixon


Actress Amy Morris

Director Michael Walters

Actress Shelley Calene-Black


Actor Chirag Patel

Producer Charles Irving

Actress Nicole Elliott

Producer Remy Carter

Director Chuck Norfolk

Actress Tonyai Palmer

Screenwriter Norman Fitts

Actor Patrick Sane

Actress Shiree Nelson

Director San Banarje

Guitarist and Project Composer Lalo de Pilar  

Director Larry Carrell

Actress Lydia Martinez

Director of "Loop" Jason Shutt

Actress Lauren Leal and Houston Texans Cheerleader

Executive Producer of "Loop" Richard McGee

Actress Chelsea Morgensen

Actor Dan Braverman

The CEO of the MiCasa Broadcasting Network Mr. Johnathan Gwyn

Actress Elle Hammons

Director Joseph Elmore Jr.

Filmmakers Dir. Chuck Walker and Producer Sam Cable

Filmmaker John Hale

(English)    (Spanish)

Actress Nicky Mondellini

Producer Martin Delon

Actor/Filmmaker Howard Calvert

Producer Debra Gutjahr-Hale

Writer Norman Fitts

Filmmaker Chigozie Nwokeafor

Actor Patrick D. Green

Prod. Michelle Fitzgerald

Cinematographer Larry McKee

Director Michael Madison

Mark. Prod. Andy Valadez


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