LimeLight Profile: Ms. Lauren Denos




 In our quest to introduce you to this exciting field of Television and Film, C-47 Houston is proud to introduce and chat with some of Houston’s talent in acting. We first met Ms. Lauren Denos a couple of years back at one of the industry mixers. Ms. Denos is one of those people that stands out in a crowd and has a smile to go with it. This actress is very radiant. She is a versatile actress and has taken the lead and supporting roles in numerous independent films here in Houston and in Texas. Lauren was in California when we chatted with her and was working in a film. Ms. Denos has also been on television and has performed on the theatre stage in several productions. This wonderful actress and model has been captured in print and magazines. We caught up with Lauren in August, last month, and chatted with her for a bit about her career and her thoughts about our industry. Ladies and Gentlemen, C-47 Houston is proud to present: Ms. Lauren Denos.

 C-47: Thank you Lauren for taking some time out to chat with us, How did you get into acting and why?

Ms. Denos: No! Thank you! I got into acting when I was really young. I have never questioned the “Why”. I do it and I love it! I just do!

 C-47: Have you found it tough or difficult to find acting roles in Houston?

Ms. Denos: First off, there is not much acting work here in Houston. There are times where we just have to make the work up ourselves.

 C-47: Well, as an actor in the Houston area, is acting your primary source of income?

Ms. Denos: Absolutely not! I do promotional modeling gigs for an income, as well as other types of jobs in the industry. I just don’t act. I do a lot of preproduction, production and post- production work. For example, I was recently hired as part of the casting department for the “Longshots” and the “Year One”. I prefer to be producing or acting, but I am happy for anything that allows me to make some money being around the television or film industry that I love so much.

 C-47: Do you accept acting roles only in Houston or wherever they need you?

Ms. Denos: I, definitely, accept work in other areas. In fact, I am in California right now expanding my base. I will be traveling back and forth for several months. I have also accepted work in New Mexico; which is coming up afterwards. I will go wherever people need me to be and where I can do my job.

 C-47: Well this leads me to the next question; do you have a particular style of acting?

Ms. Denos: I have studied many different styles of acting. I think they all blend together now, as opposed to when I first started. I don’t believe there is such a thing as too much information when it comes to learning about this field and particularly in the acting area. I hear other actors talking about only wanting to learn from one style or from one coach. I think for me it’s about learning everything people want to share and if it does not work for me or resonate with me, I pretty much discard it as something that just didn’t work.

 C-47: Do you like to get feedback from non-actors?

Ms. Denos: Oh yes! This is my audience and I personally think it is important to receive the opinions of non-actors about the craft that I do. These are the people that are going to pay to see me and ultimately keep me working. I am doing this to entertain them and any feedback that I can get to better myself is welcome.

 C-47: What kind of acting rolls would you like to do or not like to do?

Ms. Denos: LOL! I am generally open to any roll that comes before me. There are only a couple of things that I will not do. And, although I say I will not do it’s more that I prefer not to do them. I prefer not to work in gory horror films or film that require the obligatory nudity. Don’t get me wrong; the naked body is a beautiful thing, but the scene needs to have “purpose” for me to take my clothes off. I won’t do the part of the “naked chick” just because it’s a naked chick.

 C-47: Well what would you prefer?

Ms. Denos: I love intelligent films. I always have. I love playing the strong and assertive woman. I would love to play a superhero (Do you hear that everyone? Hire me to play a superhero!) LOL!

 C-47: Do you have any mentors you look up to that have guided you through your career?

Ms. Denos: Yes! Ms Connie Cooper. Connie was my acting coach for many years. She has taught me so much about the craft of acting. Secondly, my fellow actors would be considered my mentors as well. They are my students and my teachers!

 C-47: What do you think Houston can do to improve the acting environment here in this city?

Ms. Denos: Personally and in my opinion, we need to bring more production and more production opportunities into Houston. I am doing my part. Currently, I am acting in California, but I do my producing and productions right her in Texas. We have a good core group of great actors, right here, but we seem to have a small pool of them that are actually reliable. This inconsistency gives us an uncalled for bad name and a bad reputation. We can do better!

 C-47: Do you think Houston or the state of Texas can make an impact on the television and/or film industry?

Ms. Denos: Heck yeah! We already have an impact and we are just gearing up! Watch out! Here we come!

 C-47: What are you currently working on?

Ms. Denos: Obviously, I can’t say too much, yet. However, I can say that I am working on producing a few projects with my film partner Manuel Cantu. I am also co-producing a few projects with other filmmakers here in Houston and I have at least four projects in the post-production phase right now.

 C-47: Are you currently a SAG member?

Ms. Denos: No not yet. Living in Houston I really have not needed to join. But, that time is soon approaching. One can only avoid it for so long before it catches up to you and it becomes a necessity. In this state it seems to be better not to be a SAG member, however that is not the case and a different story in California.

 C-47: Do you have any advice for those thinking about a career in acting in Houston and this State?

Ms. Denos: I think Houston is as good a place as any to start a career in acting. I can only hope that we can keep some of that talent here in Houston. The secret is to start no matter where you are. People tend to believe that as soon as someone even contemplates about a career in the entertainment industry, that you immediately need to move to New York or Los Angles. However, you can have a great chance to hone and develop your craft in a smaller venue before you venture onward and outward.

 C-47: Lauren, are you involved with any of the television or film organizations in the Houston area?

Ms. Denos: I was one of the assistant organizers and casting directors for the Houston Film Organizations. But, you know how time gets away!

 C-47: How do you want people to remember you?

Ms. Denos: If I can produce just one piece of work as an actress or a producer that has a positive influence on the world, then I would have left the mark I want. I want to be remembered as more than an actress. I want to produce thought provoking work. I don’t want to just entertain, but I want more than that. I want to make a change and a difference in the lives of the viewer. Art has always been the vehicle for change throughout the ages and I want to be part of that legacy. Art, in my opinion, bypasses all of our defenses and goes straight to the heart. That is why I go about my career with as much integrity as possible. I don’t want to look at this like a huge competition, if another actor needs help, well damn it I will give it to him or her. There is plenty of room for all of us. I enjoy this industry as a career and I enjoy it in a positive way.

 C-47: Thank you Lauren for your time. You have been open and wonderful.

Ms. Denos: My pleasure and good luck with the magazine.

 Lauren hones her skill in acting by continued education. She has been taking acting classes by Connie Cooper, West Coast Arts Center, Mercury Studios and Theresa Bell, among others. Ms. Denos also has voice training with Linda Rose Linnebach and Eduardo Real. She is a singer and songwriter, can do various accents, is excellent in Improv, is trained in Bird and Animal handling, loves to swim, bowl, bike, skate, fish and play pool. Lauren can shoot firearms and is not afraid of getting her hands dirty and build a set. Ms. Lauren Denos represents herself. If you would like more information about Ms. Denos you can contact her at: You can visit her website at ###