LimeLight Profile: Ms. Kerry Tarpley




C-47 Houston is pleased to introduce this wonderful actress who began her career in television and film as one of the University of Notre Dame cheerleaders. We first met this talented performer at a film mixer earlier this year. Ms. Kerry Tarpley has acted in RoboCop2, Evening Star, Arlington Road, Rushmore, Tin Cup, Friday Night Lights and Laws of Chance among many others. On Television Ms. Tarpley has done commercials and has been in front of the camera as a NEWS anchor, reporter and was a Citizen Panelist on the Bill Maher show. Ms. Kerry Tarpley is currently being represented by the Neal Hamil Agency here in Houston. C-47 Houston was thrilled to sit and chat with Kerry about her thoughts about acting and the television and film industry. We are pleased to introduce you to Ms. Kerry Tarpley.

C-47: I see by your resume that you may not be from Houston. Where are you from and how did you make it to Houston?

Kerry: I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I graduated from Saint Mary’s College at Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. I thought all former college cheerleaders ended up in Texas!!! Lol!!!

 C-47: Why did you get into acting as a profession?

Kerry: Well, I studies theatre and acting in college, but it wasn’t until the movie “Tin Cup” came to Houston that I revived my interest in acting. Around that time I was working on-camera in cable television. I was cast in “Tin Cup” as a featured extra where I played a sports reporter. After the movie wrapped, I found an agent and began taking comedy improv classes.

 C-47: Do you have an acting style?

Kerry: It depends on the part, but usually I try to be myself and have a little fun. Other times it depends on the role and I will try to get into the character through method acting.

 C-47: Is there a particular role that you have always wanted to play but haven’t been offered it yet, and is there a role that you will not play?

Kerry: Well, As far as roles I will not take that is going to depend on the role, but I am a classically trained dancer. I have studied ballet since I was three years old. I would love to be cast in a part where I could use some of my dancing talents. I would really enjoy it!

 C-47: The feeling of most actors in Houston is that it is hard to find work or that work is not readily available as it is in California. Do you find that to be the case living in Houston?

Kerry: Personally, I don’t find that to be the case. However, I am not speaking as the actors’ representative. For me, there are plenty of opportunities to work in Texas. I have worked on films in Austin and Houston. I love the energy and spirit of independent filmmaking in our state.

 C-47: What would you like to see happen in Houston when it comes to your profession?

Kerry: I would like to see a studio facility built right here in Houston that would entice big budget films to come to Texas and make films

 C-47: Are you involved with any of the television, video or film clubs or organizations here in Houston?

Kerry: Of course! I try to make as many meetings as possible. More recently I try to go to the Women in Film and Television events, I am a big supporter of film festivals like World Fest Houston…It was amazing!, A trailer for a short film I was in was featured at the Austin Film Festival which I went to, and I also attended the New York Film Festival and the Aspen Film Festival.

 C-47: Do you have any advise for those starting their careers in acting? Especially women?

Kerry: Audition…audition…audition! You create your own and you definitely learn by doing. There are many opportunities to audition in Austin without an agent. But most of all, believe in you, even when no one else will. I am the eternal optimist!!!

 Kerry is a positive and outgoing person and has played the principal role on the Louis Shanks Furniture commercials.  Ms. Tarpley has studied comedy improv and has training with Eleese Lester. For more information contact the Neil Hamil Agency. This Actress is dynamic and versatile in her acting.