LimeLight Profile: Ms. Karen Trento 



C-47 Houston is proud to introduce a dynamic and versatile actress. We first met this wonderful actress on the set of "Cristina's Court" and we have been bumping into Ms. Trento ever since. We were happy to chat with Karen about her acting career and her new supportive lead in the new independent film "The Maestro. C-47 Houston is happy to introduce Ms. Karen Trento:



C-47: When did acting become a passion for you?


Ms. Trento: At a very young age. When I was a child, my Dad had one of those big cameras which had these big lights overhead. At that time, I was the newly born, cute with platinum blond hair and big brown eyes. He would always take moving pictures of me. My family frequently spoke of actors and actresses as if they knew them personally. I felt a connection to acting right away. The first time I performed was in first grade. I had to sing, dance and act.


C-47: How did you get started acting in Houston?


Ms. Trento: After the death of my ex-husband. I returned to Houston in June 2004. I realized then how short life really is and decided I need to get back to my first passion…...acting. I started taking classes and within only a few months I was running in the circles with other actors and people in the film business. I started getting work as an extra in various projects around town like many of the other actors do. I did get a few small roles in a couple of projects around town. Opportunities in Houston seemed to just always pop up for me.


C-47: Have you had any recent acting opportunities?


Ms. Trento: Yes…...I was a Supportive Lead for the movie, “The Maestro.” I was suppose to play a small role of a reporter but the director, producer and writer, Lawrence V. Williams saw something more in me. He felt that I was anointed and soon began calling me “Special K”.


C-47: How was it?


Ms. Trento: It was one of the best experiences for me as an actress. With this being my first speaking role as a Defense Attorney, it had some challenges. There were tears some times but with laughter I survived. Many thought the role might be out of my league…but with God’s help, I did it and made some proud of me!




C-47: What kind of support did you get?


Ms. Trento: One of the lead actors, Michael Wayne Thomas was very helpful to me. He was like my acting coach on set. He would say, “Karen, you can do this!” And with his help I did. Of course the crew from Firefly Productions were outstanding and did a great job.

Thanks to Carrie Shea for helping with my make-up and just having another woman around like her was good. I thought it was nice of Charles Turner to let us use his warehouse to film some of the fight scenes. Don Ramos, along with myself, was especially helpful in gathering extras to fill the court room scene. The great thing for me about any movie is the teamwork involved and not the size of the production. It’s about putting all our differences aside and working through them to produce something magical.


C-47: What did you take away from that experience?


Ms. Trento: I learned many things and met a lot of great people. It taught me that with determination and perseverance you can succeed. Yes….the Film Industry is tough. You will run into people with big egos, not everyone is going to like you, understand you or even want to help you. But there are a lot of good people out there helping folks in the business and you have to make it your goal to seek them out.


C-47: What’s in the future for Karen?


Ms. Trento: Who knows…….the sky’s the limit. I’m

focusing on improving my acting skills by taking more classes. I worked with an Image Consultant / Stylist, Wayne Spears of CuzCo Image Consultants at the beginning of last year to help me to understand and create my own unique fashion style. He organized my closet and began helping me to coordinate a working actress’ wardrobe by getting rid of things that I didn’t need. Also, he taught me how to buy stuff on a budget to build and add to what I had already. You know………….clothes do make a woman (smile)!  With the help of my friend, Charles Turner of Atlarge Production, I just completed my first audition tape. And this tape has already been sent out to a few contacts in Hollywood. But know this………I’m not just waiting around for the phone to ring, I’m out there with the help of God looking for my next opportunity (smile)!



Ms. Trento is an actor, model and into public relations. She enjoys swimming, horseback riding, bowling and has the ability to make people laugh.