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Relatively new to the Houston area and working in the entertainment business for the past 14-years Writer and Director John Alfone is working diligently to network his way into the Houston and Texas film scene.

Owner and Operator of Corsair Media Productions a company that specializes in productions services for companies looking to adopt a cutting-edge imaging, Mr. Alfone has done everything from industrials, Web designing, music videos to commercial film and video as a director and producer.

On Friday night, June 13th 2014, Mr. Alfone presented a look of three of his short movies for fans at the Khon’s Wine.Darts.Coffee.Art lounge in mid-town Houston (2808 Milam, 77006). Screening were “Del Fuego” a 16mm short subject about a drug-addicted brother of a stripper who falls in love with a doctor who moonlights as Little Miss Tokyo, a stripper, at the Club Royale Cabaret. As the couple tries to find love and a balance in their relationship sinister thugs plot destruction around them.

“The Arnold Chronicles” a period piece set in the 1950’s that follows Arnold and Charlie who travel the land and finding themselves having to face a rapist.

And, a 60-second trailer “Substance” a comedy/drama that is currently under the funding stages to be developed into a feature motion picture. 


The story follows Zoe Miller, an idealistic “straight-edge” 23 something guitarist with a troubled past who convinces her bassist boyfriend, Jake Reed, and drummer Bill Hansen to play at the SXSW Music Festival. Of course, they have troubles on the way. The title of the movie is an homage to 3 sources, Factor Record’s Joy Division/New order, Ecstasy and the search for people of ‘substance” for whom Zoe has lost faith because behind her mask of wry, sarcasm there is a silent cry out for help.

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