LimeLight Profile: Ms. Jennifer Guhlin




C-47 Houston is pleased to introduce you to this versatile actress, singer and songwriter. Ms. Jennifer Guhlin is represented by Patorini Bosby Talent Agency and has an impressive resume. She has just finished a movie in New Orleans titled “Mardi Gras” directed by Phil Dornfled and the horror films “Sweatshop”, Stacy Davidson’s project, and “Spirit Camp” directed by Kerry Beyer, both made in Texas. Coming this fall, Jennifer has signed on with two movie projects; one in Austin where Alexander Shumaker is directing a Sci-Fi film and one in Dallas where director Ray Hosak will be filming a dramatic horror film. Ms. Guhlin is also in the recording studio as “Julin” working on laying down some music tracks. In television, Ms. Guhlin has been on “Texas Live”, “MTV, and “Casting Call Spring Break 83”. She has been in national and local commercial television including Wal-Mart and Jeff Hass Mazda. Jennifer has also acted and worked in theatre and has training with some of the best acting coaches in Los Angeles and in Houston. She is not only a model but Jennifer has appeared in several music videos C-47 Houston chatted with Jennifer about her acting career and got some of her views about the industry right here in Houston, Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Jennifer Guhlin:

 C-47: You are all over the place, you must be really busy and working very hard, what do you do to get your mind off acting and work?

Ms. Guhlin: I have a little dog that I rescued so taking care of her takes my mind off things. I like to be outside and enjoy the water. Currently, I am learning to SCUBA dive, which is pretty exciting for me. I like to hang out with my friends in low-key spots and drink coffee and just talk and have fun.

 C-47: How did you get into acting?

Ms. Guhlin: I got into acting when a teacher suggested that I should try out film acting. I was in a theatre class in High school. So, my teacher took me to meet with his agency, who did not sign me at the time because I had no experience. I then met a theatre teacher at San Jacinto college, applied for a scholarship and I was accepted. Theatre was a lot different than I thought it was; I had to design sets, work on costumes, and be a handy man most of the time, but what I really enjoyed was the acting part of it. I decided to take an on- camera class to see what everyone was talking about when I went on film auditions. I was soooo nervous, but I fell in love and I haven’t been able to stop since. To make a long story short, someone basically said “hey why don’t you try this out,” and I said, “why not!” I’ve always had a passion for acting inside of me. I love it!

 C-47: Do you have a particular acting style?

Ms. Guhlin: Honestly, I would say that I have a variety of styles. I have my own style, and I like to practice this method called “Ivana Chubbick”, it is about connecting your personal feelings to the role so it feels intensely real and makes you feel very naked and vulnerable. When you are taken to the place, while acting, and you catch yourself doing things in character that come so naturally. This is when you know you are on point.

 C-47: Is there a role that you have always wanted to play but haven’t yet?

Ms. Guhlin: I can’t think of a role that I have always wanted to play, but if they do a movie about Janis Joplin, I would love to play her. I know in my heart I would do a really good job with this part and I would give it all I have to make this character work.

 C-47: The feeling of some actors in Houston is that it is hard to find acting work or that work is not readily available here as it is in California, do you find that to be the case living here in the Houston area or in Texas?

Ms. Guhlin: Of course! It is hard to find good paying acting work in this area of the country, but I am able to keep myself busy with different projects. I have been fairly lucky in this aspect, just by networking and auditioning for absolutely everything. Well, all the reputable film/tv stuff, at least. LoL! But, of course, I did not start out that way.

 C-47: Like many actors in Houston, do you have a primary job that pays the bills? Or, is Acting your job?

Ms. Guhlin: Fortunately, I don’t have that many “bills,” so, I can concentrate on my acting and singing/songwriting career. The way I make a lot of my money is through promotional modeling and commercials. But, of course, I love film acting the most, so if I can jump on set for a month , I have the ability to do that. Sometimes, I will work a lot and save up for a rainy day, so I am able to have a more flexible schedule.

 C-47: What would you like to see happen in Houston when it comes to your profession?

Ms. Guhlin: Here is what I would like to see: more film classes being available, more dedicated, strong and committed actors. I would like to see Houston drawing in more big budget films being shot here, because we have all the resources available. And, I would like to see more indie people stepping up to the plate and coming together to make a great film

C-47: Do you have a role model?

Ms. Guhlin: My role model would be my parents, I know it is what everyone says, but my parents inspire me to go for it, they have not always had an easy life growing up, they decided to open up their own business because they believed in themselves, and are now very successful, they inspire me to believe in myself and follow my heart and my dreams.

 C-47: Do you have any advise for those starting their careers in acting?

Ms. Guhlin: Yes! Just ask yourself: Do you really want to act? If you say yes, make sure you are dedicated, take risks, be different, be strong, and most of all DON’T GIVE UP!!!



Ms. Jennifer Guhlin has a variety of skills. She can dance in several genres, plays guitar, sings and does voiceovers. Jennifer can deliver accents in Australian, the Midwest and a very convincing Southern accent. If you are interested in Ms. Guhlin contact: the Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency.