LimeLight Profile: Ms. Jennifer Almaguer





C-47 Houston first met this rising star at a fundraiser meeting for the TXMPA back in January of 2008. What is refreshing about this native Houstonian is her wit, intelligence and her stunning passion for a career in acting. Ms. Almaguer’s resume is impressive. This talented actress has credits as both supporting and principal leads in television, film and the theatre. Jennifer works in both the local Houston venue and has credits in major production film houses like 20th Century Fox. Currently, Ms. Almaguer is in the pre-production phase of a new short film entitled “Libra”. Shooting is scheduled to start this coming summer. Shooting to take place right here in Houston. Ms. Jennifer Almaguer is represented by Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency. C-47 Houston was lucky enough to chat with Jennifer and ask her some questions about acting and her insight into her career, we are proud to introduce Ms. Jennifer Alamguer:

 C-47: Why did you get into acting?

Ms. Almaguer: Acting allows me to be outrageous. Growing up I was an extremely shy girl and my parents thought acting would help me break out of my shell. I fell in love with it!

 C-47: Like many actors in Houston, do you have a primary job that pays the bills?

Ms. Almaguer: I have been pretty lucky to not have to get a “regular” job. My time is fully about “acting” and more recently, “music”. However, I can’t say it’s easy to make a living here in this city as an actor. Commercial work is what sustains me right now along with the help of my husband. There is not much work here in town, but there is work. My motto is to do your best where you are NOW and stop saying to yourself “well if I was only in L.A. I would have a shot”. It’s about the passion of acting.

 C-47: Do you think Houston is ready for an entertainment industry?

Ms. Almaguer: Yes!, it’s only a matter of time when “Hollywood” discovers that they’ve hit “gold” here in Texas. I believe every actor that wants a “shot” at acting should start working hard right where they are. I think the craze of having to move to L.A. will stop because Houston, Texas will be the oasis every actor has been longing for all these years. Texas is a beautiful state. We need our investors to start funding this effort to bring the industry here

C-47: Any advise for those starting their careers in acting?

Ms. Almaguer: I think the best foundation a person can build is one that starts in theatre. It teaches you discipline, helps you find yourself and who you are as an actor. It’s LIVE! You can’t beat that experience. It builds patience because of the time commitment involved. If you can handle theatre you have an advantage over actors who only do film. Remember, most legendary actors have theatre backgrounds.


Jennifer’s training in acting is extensive. She enjoys surfing and dirt bikes. She is fluent in Spanish and plays the Guitar. A talented actress, Ms. Almaguer is a gift to Houston. For more information about Jennifer contact the Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency.