Artist Eleonore Bernair



C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine took the time to visit and welcome Belgium Artist Eleonore Bernair. Organized by the Cultural Oasis Group of Houston, the welcoming committee met at Brazil's Cafe, in one of Houston's trendy neighborhoods, Saturday, February 8th, 2014. Ms. Bernair specializes in "seascape" paintings. She tends to mix very modern with traditional techniques that point somewhere ahead in time, as art should do, revealing schemes of the shape of the plant that time seeds right now. 

Ms. Bernair was very nice and pleasant. She has a wonderful laugh and great smile. She was attentive to answering questions and unlike some artists, she was not standoffish, but rather warming and comfortable to be with as we drank, ate and got to know this wonderful person. 

Ms. Bernair is working on some works of art, inspired by her brief stay in the Houston area, specifically the Heights area, where her younger brother resides. 

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C47Houston was there and took a few pictures, enjoy!


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