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C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine is thrilled to be able to talk with one of Houston’s outstanding actors, Mr. Dave Maldonado. He is doing what he loves to do and, so far, he is doing well in a field that is highly competitive and in a part of the country that is NOT “Hollywood”.

We first met this actor at a fundraiser several years back when Director Travis Ammons was raising funds, at Fitzgerald’s, for his comedy feature movie, “The Great American Moon Rock Caper” in which Mr. Maldonado had a speaking part. At the premiere and watching the movie, we were impressed by the natural ease of which this actor was performing in front of a camera. In our opinion, Dave did an excellent job with his character. Ever since, we have been seeing this actor in scores of independent movies, Television commercials, Television shows (both on cable and network) and, if you check out his IMDB page or acting resume, you will find that Mr. Maldonado’s acting career is gaining credits by leaps and bounds.

We invited Dave to answer a few questions for our publication, C47Hosuton News & Entertainment Magazine. That issue was released and published June 1st, 2015. Below are a few excerpts from that interview. We encourage you to read the uncut version by ordering a copy of that issue at: 


In the meantime, please enjoy some of Dave's insights: 

C47Houston: Thank you Dave for answering a few questions for our readers. We have been seeing you in a lot of TV commercials and shows and on the silver screen. You are doing very well. Are you from the Houston area?

Mr. Maldonado: I’m originally from New Iberia, Louisiana. My wife and I moved to the Houston area about 13 years ago because of a great job opportunity for HER. Little did I know that Louisiana would become one of the busiest film industries in the country in a few short years! Houston has turned out to be a great place to pursue a career for me. It is centrally located between all the places I travel on a regular basis: Austin, Dallas, New Mexico, Atlanta and Louisiana.

C47Houston: How did you get into acting?

Mr. Maldonado: I got curious about performing at a pretty young age. It was in elementary school when my fraternal twin brother convinced his teacher to let me participate in yearly play. I really thrived in that environment. I pursued acting as a hobby from then on and never really thought of it as a career path. I was more into “art”. I spent a lot of time with pencils and sketchbooks. Through high school and college, I took a lot of art classes and some acting classes. However, I didn’t want to be a “starving artist”, even though, I was pretty good at it. Over the years...

C47Houston: Why do you like to act?

Mr. Maldonado: For me, acting can be very therapeutic.

C47Houston: How so?

Mr. Maldonado: I can remember several times in my life when I was down, depressed, or just in a shitty mood and the last thing I wanted to do was go to rehearsal. But I had to. And when it was done, I always felt better. I think we all go through.....

C47Houston: Do you think this is a trait with a lot of the actors?

Mr. Maldonado: It seems to me that most actors are “broken” in some way…

C47Houston: It can be tough to keep in your emotions, I do it all the time, but then again, I am not an actor.

Mr. Maldonado: Certainly. Aside from the cathartic aspect, I also love to act because of the effect I...

C47Houston: Do you have a particular style of acting that you practice?

Mr. Maldonado: That’s a tough one. I don’t really believe in one particular style. I’ve studied Meisner, Stanislavski and Uta Hagen, just to name a few. If you asked me what I learned from each, I probably couldn’t tell you. Some of it made sense, some if it, well, I thought was out dated and a waste of time.

C47Houston: Than what is your approach?

Mr. Maldonado: I think the craft of acting is mostly... the style you learned is bullshit…then you’re screwed.

C47Houston: How do you build your character?

Mr. Maldonado: I build my character by learning as much as I can about him, especially if it’s a real person. I learn my lines. I do my best to convey the emotions and intentions in the scene from my characters point view. Often you will hear phrases in acting classes like: “what do you want in the scene?” or “What’s your motivation?”. I never understood those questions or why they asked them. The best thing you can do is just “read” the scene, figure out what’s happening, and act “as if” you’re the guy in the scene. It ain’t rocket science…unless, of course, you’re playing a rocket scientist.

C47Houston: A lot of people, NOT associated with TV/Film, think that acting is glamorous and cool, but WE know that, at times, it is a difficult job and time consuming often with long hours on the set. How do you see it?

Mr. Maldonado: Well, I guess if you’re a “STAR”, it is glamorous. I mean, you’re making ridiculous money so you can buy glamorous things and go to glamorous places and... The rest of us have to grind it out, work our asses off and...

C47Houston: YOU actually have some experience with budgeted projects as opposed to indie projects, as a professional, looking from the outside in, what are a few major differences between the two that you have observed?

Mr. Maldonado: One major difference between indie and bigger budget projects is the amount of people working. On bigger budget sets, there are tons of people everywhere and they all have a job. On indie sets those jobs...

C47Houston: On a personal level and with regard to your acting career, (and, we think it’s going pretty nicely) do treat your profession in a business way or is it a labour of Love, an art?

Mr. Maldonado: Personally, It has to be a bit of both. There has to be some balance there. That being said, I suck at it. Managing money, making sure I’m paid on time, demanding what I’m worth…none of that comes easy to me. But...

C47Houston: When you first start off in acting, one generally performs for FREE or for no payment. I guess that’s a matter of gaining experience and filling up a resume. You are now getting auditions for budgeted projects on a national level AND you have a family to take care of. Are you NOW convinced that performing for gratis is something that is in your past?

Mr. Maldonado: I don’t really work for free anymore. It would have to be a very unique situation for a charity or something like that. I am fortunate enough to have...If a project is paid that adds legitimacy to the project. If a production is on the ball enough to find investors and raise money for pre-production and casting…then I have more faith...

C47Houston: What is your “secret” to getting a part? (Is it Luck, is it being at the right place at the right time, is it your stunning good looks, is it being prepared?) What is it, in your opinion?

Mr. Maldonado: All of the above, but mainly...

C47Houston: That gets you in the door.

Mr. Maldonado: Yes it does, but being prepared and putting myself in the right place at the right time is also important. I think the most important aspect is developing relationships. I’ve worked so hard to build and maintain my professional relationships. I recently booked a role in no small part because of an accent I was proficient in (it was on my resume, and I had demo footage as proof). But, I never would have gotten looked at if it hadn’t been for the relationship with the casting director.

Want more? There is plenty more where that came from.  Dave Maldonado was our featured actor Interview in the May/June 2015 issue of C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine. 

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