C47Houston's SnapShots archive page contains pictures from the Producer of C47Houston, Mr. H. Luna who took the time to grab selfies from people who are making movies. This is our attempt to "personalize" our venture and to put a face to a publishing business. 

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C47Houston's Mixer & Mingles page feature pictures from events from 2009 to the mid part of2014. We took a lot of pictures and exposed our city to the film scene. WE were there when no one else was. WE have since stream-lined our efforts and became less redundant in our posting in order to make it easier on us. In addition, with dependency on social network sites like facebook, internet traffic was moving away from our website toward social media. 

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Photo Archives Features our past listing of mixers, events and pictures  taken over the years. Starting from 2008, C47Houston has been covering many of the events that the TV and Movie industry has to offer.  Most of the photos are linked to our Facebook Photo Album via public link. 

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Since 2008, we have been featuring some of Houston's outstanding talent in front of the movie camera. We take the pictures, we grab a short promotional video, we grab a little longer video of that talent talking about their careers and we interview them about some of the things they do, how they feel about the industry and where they want to take it.  We have featured a lot of people.

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Along with articles and picture, we also took the time to grab some videos of people making things happen in the movie industry. We have videos of Directors, Producers, Actors and video of some of the more notable events. A lot of these videos were for the exclusive use of this  Website and not published in the magazine. 


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Since 2008, C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine has gone through some growing pains and have changed along the way.  We were trying different things and creating different modes of getting YOU the news about this States happenings in the TV/Movie field.  This particular archive covers some of the things happening in 2008 up to and including March 31st of 2009. 


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The companion news page for C47Houston New Archives is the C47Houston News from Houston. Here we tried to give our subscribers the latest in new from this part of the country and covers local news from March 6th, 2009 up to and including October 28, 2009. 


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News Updates is the "catch-all" link. This particular link covered some of the events happening between April 2, 2009 through and up to August 2, 2009. This link was specific for the website at www.C47Houston.com and will most likely contain news from the News from Houston Link. 


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