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C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine was invited to the screening of "Who is Bozo Texino" by Artist and Director Bill Daniel, Sunday, February 16, 2014 at the Alonzo Gallery uptown Houston. The 2005 movie, shot documentary style, follows a group of hobos that ride trains and leave their artistic marks on train boxcars. Some of these "graffiti" art are well-known in train circles and some have been around for decades. Once looked at as nuisances, these marking are becoming revered as "art" to some. Of particular interest to Artist and Director of this 60-minute movie was the markings of Bozo Texino. Mr. Daniel in his opening remarks prior to screening didn't suggest any particular reason for his exclusive look at "Bozo Texino" except that the name and the drawing representing Bozo Texino just somehow caught his eye and penetrated his consciousness. 

Technically, the movie was as is expected from an "art" and independent movie. The lighting was non-existent, audio was good but lacking and sometimes crackling, composition of framing and blocking was well done as the Director is also a photographer. Editing was exceptional in that there was movement and flow to the movie. The interviews were coherent and interesting. There were times where the movie just dragged on and was repetitive in its subject line, but overall it was an interesting view on graffiti art on a mobile canvass. Judge for yourself, pick up a movie and watch it.

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