The 3rd Annual

  C47Houston News and Entertainment Magazine's

Best "Made in Houston" Project for 2013




In September of 2013, last year, in association with the 15th Annual 2013 Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival, and for the 2nd time, we "recognized" the Best "Made in Houston" Independent TV/Film for 2012.  With dozens of entries the contest was a huge success. PICTURES: (2011) (2012)

We now OPEN the THIRD season of submissions.

(s-Mail to: 12227 Landcross Dr., Houston TX 77099)

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CALL US AT: 832.431.1898 (OR better yet, email us at:  )

(((See the Registered 2013 Entries below)))

Deadline: Wednesday, April 30th, 2014


(Guidelines are subject to change without notice)


1. All motion picture projects must have been MADE in the Houston Metroplex and Greater area AND MADE IN 2013. 

(Definition of the Houston Metroplex and Greater Area includes: The Houston-Galveston-Brazoria Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (Houston CMSA) consists of eight counties: Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery and Waller)


(Definition of "Released": Any completed motion picture. A "release" does NOT include a "re-release", a "director's cut" or a "test screening".)

(Definition of 2013: Any motion picture made between January 1st, 2013 and December 31st, 2013)

2. You MUST submit a DVD of your project or provide a public website link to the project. 

(((( You may submit via DVD or web Link ))))

(The DVD will NOT be return. Be sure that the DVD plays in a DVD player and not just on your computer. Sometimes your computer is NOT compatible with a DVD player.) DVD's not working will NOT be viewed and will be disqualified. 

The public link will be published and said link must be accessible without code to access it by the general public at any time and open for review and public consumption.  Closed links will be disqualified, code access links will be disqualified, non-functioning links will be disqualified, broken links will be disqualified. 

3. You MUST fill out, sign and submit a registration form via USPS or e-mail.


Instructions on how to fill out PDF form:  1. Open PDF  2. There should be, on the top right-hand side of the page, the words "Tools", "Sign" and "Comments". PRESS THE "SIGN" BUTTON.   3. PRESS the "Add Text" button  4. PLACE THE CURSOR where you want to start typing.  5. left click your mouse. 6. Start typing. When you are done. 7. Click on the "Add Signature" button, place your cursor on the signature line and ADD YOUR SIGNATURE. 8. SAVE your Project under your MOVIE NAME.  

Now all you have to do is attach that PDF to your email and send it to US. Yes's that easy. 


No project will be considered "entered" until the official registration form is received via United State Postal Service or by electronic mail.  All registration forms must be submitted by the deadline to be considered "ENTERED". 

4.  Submit your payment via USPS or PayPal. 

Select your Option:

((( See: payment schedule below #10 )))

No project will be considered "entered" until payment is received, processed and deposited into our account OR IF PROJECT IS RECEIVED WITHOUT PAYMENT.  (((If NO payment is received, your project will be judged, however, a fee submitted project of equal or better rank and equal or better project will be considered first as a winner, if there is a winner and there is a tie.)))  Payment may be made via check or money order (Make payable to the order of C47Houston), sent via United States Postal Service or payment may be made by check or credit card via our PayPal account under the email OR MAILED TO: 12227 Landcross Dr., Houston, Tx 77099.

( H L UN A @ C 4 7 H O U S T O N . C O M )

(Unless otherwise noted AND/or released: all payments are NON-REFUNDABLE) Not winning in this contest does NOT constitute a refundable exemption. Receipt of a  DVD or weblink, registration form and payment before deadline constitutes "ENTERED" AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE ALLOWED.  

5. Accepted Projects:

C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine is accepting projects in the following areas:

1. Features

(Features projects: running time between 60 to 90-minutes - all genres)

2. Shorts

(Short projects: running time less than 20-minutes - all genres)

3. Documentaries

(non-fiction) Feature or Short

4. Animation

(all genres) Feature or short

5. Webisodes

(Webisode projects: running time less than 10-minutes - all genres - One episode per series only)

(only one episode of a series will be accepted to represent the webisode series. That particular webisode must have been "Made in Houston" and made in 2013 as defined above.

(Definition of a "webisode series":  a continuing and running collection of episodes containing a continuing theme, cast and title. 

(Definition of a "webisode": a made for the internet project of less then 10-minutes in running time and part of an ongoing series of webisodes containing a continuing theme, cast and title.

6. Music Videos

(Music Video projects: running time less than 5-minues - all music genres)

(Not a movie with music or a musical) This is a music video containing original composed music and lyrics by an established group, band, vocalist, combo or singer. NO COVERS WILL BE ALLOWED. You MUST HAVE THE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG AND VIDEO

7. Commercials

(Commercial projects: running time 1-minute or 30-seconds )

(Definition of "Commercials": a project that is constructed and created for the sole purpose of advertising and selling a consumer based product. 

6. Legal Notice:

Sending in your project on a DVD format or web link along with your registration form and non-refundable payment constitutes an agreement that YOUR project will be evaluated and Judged but may NOT be screened.

Receipt of a  DVD or weblink, registration form and payment before deadline constitutes "ENTERED" AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE ALLOWED.

(NOTE: Because of time restraints and scheduling conflicts your project may NOT be screened. C47Houston does not guarantee that any project will or will not be screened. It further has the right NOT to screen any project submitted for evaluation and consideration that it deems to be inappropriate .)

Many will enter only some will win.

C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine does NOT warrant in any way shape or form the success of your project. YOU are entering your project and holding C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine, HLMedia Productions and its staff harmless for ANY infraction due to weather, judging, screening, the audience, the USPS, PayPal, the theater or otherwise known or unknown. YOU ARE AGREEING TO ALLOW C47HOUSTON NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE THE RIGHTS TO DISPLAY, ADVERTISE, MARKET, PRESENT, TAKE PICTURES, VIDEO AND TO DO WHAT IT NEEDS TO PRODUCE THIS CONTEST.  

7. The Judging Process:

All projects are assessed for Qualification, will be viewed, reviewed and judged by C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine which has an eye for technical and production value. The "BAR" is high for quality productions and technically sound motion pictures and those projects that meet and/or exceed that "BAR" may be chosen as Best 2013 "Made in Houston" Independent TV/Film Project.

8. Award Categories:

C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine Best "Made in Houston" Project for 2012.

Using the stringent TSIRS we will pick the best film in several categories. The categories include

"Best Feature"

"Best Short" 

"Best Music Video"

"Best Documentary"

"Best Webisode"

"Best Animation" 

"Best Commercial"

9. Absolute Deadline:

All motion picture projects, registration form and payments MUST be received by C47Houston by: 

11:59PM Wednesday April  30th , 2014 to be considered "ENTERED". 

10. Entry Fees:

Features: $45

Shorts: $20

Music Videos: $10

Webisodes: $20

Commercials: $5 

Select your Option:

f you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to let us know. Contact us at:

Registered 2013 Entries:




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Music Videos: 


Short Movies:




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