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  C47Houston News and Entertainment Magazine's

Best "Made in Houston" Project for 2011




Since we started our publication back in January of 2008 we have seen a lot of filmmakers come and go. With them, they took their films into obscurity or, if they were lucky, they have moved on to make bigger and better movie or Television projects.

In September of 2012 in association with the 14th Annual 2012 Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival  we "recognized" the Best "Made in Houston" Independent TV/Film for 2011.  It was a huge success. In early December of 2011, we put a call out for nominations on our F**ebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts, as well as our other social network accounts. And, Houston Movie makers submitted their films for one of the hard and most exclusive contest IN HOUSTON. 

All films/TV projects must have been MADE in the Houston Metroplex and Greater area AND Released for public consumption in 2011.

The Films were assessed for Qualification, viewed by our team and a vote was cast for Best 2011 "Made in Houston" Independent TV/Film Project.

Using the stringent TSIRS we will pick the best film in several categories and recognize those films as the

Best "Made in Houston" Independent Film/Project for 2011



Nominated Projects as of December 31st, 2011



Steven Katz's "Deadbeat ClubTV Vol 2"

Travis Ammons' "The Great American Moon Rock Caper"

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Travis Ammons' "Suicide Notes"

Hank Schyma and Johnny Falstaff's "Honky Tonk Blood"

David Quintana's "Ghosties: The Witches Spell"

Larry Carrell's "Jacob"

Tom Martino's "Race Wars: The Remake"

Jason Shutt's "Loop"  (Winner)

Music Videos:

Sean Duke's "Catastrophic Skies" (Winner)

Nick Urbano's "Stalker"

Documentary Features:

Alex Luster's "Stick 'em Up" (Winner)



Michael and Samuel Allmons' "Live and Let Live"

video not available

Nick Mann's "Kidfellas" 

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Wayne Slaten's "Persistence of Vision"

video not available

Wayne Slaten's "Cold War" (Winner)

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Adam White's "Till The Day I Die"

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Chuck Norfolk's "Princess"

Chuck Norfolk's "Garage Band: a Mini Musical"

Jeff Brewer's "Simulation 9" (Winner)

video not available

Jason Clemons' "Imbalanced"

Scott Jacob's "Benjamin"

Mary Bly's "Awaken"

Mary Bly's "A Lovely Afternoon"

Jon Seabreak's "Asesinas"

Chris Spisak's "Lawn Wars"

Jesse Young's "FreeDoom: A Monologue by Stephen Paul" (Winner)

see the video: (Click Here) enter PW: L6N8zy8MlXFy3Ey

Nick Urbano's "Plushicity"

Victor DiGiovanni's "Creating a Monster"

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C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine's 

Best "Made in Houston" Independent Film/Project for 2011:

(see the PICTURES)

Best Feature Film: 

Jason Shutt's "Loop"

Best Short Film: 3-Way Tie (in Alphabetical order)

Wayne Slaten's "Cold War"

Jesse Young III's "FreeDoom: A Monologue by Stephen Paul"

Jeff Brewer's "Simulation 9"

Best Music Video:

Director Sean Duke's "Catastrophic Skies" 

Best Documentary

Directors Alex Luster and Tony Reyes' "Stick 'Em Up"


All winning films were Automatically entered into the 2012 Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival for consideration.



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