LimeLight Profile: Ms. Andrea Prescott




C-47 Houston had the pleasure to meet this wonderful actress at one of the industry mixers last November. Ms. Prescott was kind enough to answer numerous questions about her career and we are thrilled to talk to her on a personal level about her life.  Ms. Prescott can be seen in various commercials (both local and national), television, films and theatre in the Houston area. Currently, Ms. Andrea Prescott is under the Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency and will be an extra in Terrence Malik’s “Tree of Life” with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. We are please to introduce you to Ms. Andrea Prescott:


C-47: Andrea, How did you get into acting as a profession?

Ms. Prescott: I got into acting because I always knew that I had a passion for it, and that entertaining people and sharing the love of acting with others made my heart content. I believe in the old saying, “Love your work and you will never have to work a day in your life." Transitioning NOW is more important than looking back at my life and wishing I would have done it. I know that now matter what happens, acting is a love that no one can take away from me.

 C-47: What is your style of acting?

Ms. Prescott: I strive to bring something new to every role I play. I try not to repeat the thoughts of another character, but try to add to it or bring a past experience into it. I love to feel what a character should feel. I try to bring the emotional truth to the surface. I challenge myself with different emotions and try tobring out different characters depending on the background of the role. I slip right into character and immerse myself into the personality of the character before the camera rolls. This can be draining.

 C-47: How do you bounce back from the emotional coaster?

Ms. Prescott: Well, on the set I try to relax by closing my eyes while massaging my face and head in between takes, but after a scene I can bounce back within 5 minutes. I try to focus on the choice I made in the scene and what I could have done differently to improve myself. I think about what is “real”, and by doing that, I can snap out of the emotional state of the character.

 C-47: Any advice to newbies to Acting?

Ms. Prescott: Act only if you love it. Don’t act to get famous. Don’t worry about what people think about you and your choices, it will only take away from you game.

 Ms. Prescott is trained in method acting, television/film techniques and commercials. Andrea sings, dances, wakeboards, kayaks, fishes, plays volleyball, water/snow skies, is an advanced ice skater and can drive a standard shift car. Ms. Prescott is a licensed Hairstylist/Artistic Director and a makeup artist. For more information about Ms. Andrea Prescott contact Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency.