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C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine started as a thought and a desire to bring, to our readers, fans and followers, the people who make up the television and motion picture industry in the Houston Metroplex area and across the State of Texas.

As we have grown over the years, we have added and subtracted the magazine's basic features to accommodate the appetite of our readers with news about on-going projects, premieres, visiting television and movie makers,  a Calendar, an event page and editorials.

We supplement the hardcopy magazine with a website that features a calendar, pictures from events that we attend, timely news about television and motion pictures here in Houston/across the state of Texas and, of course, an easy way to purchase Subscriptions to the magazine in both hardcopy and e-Copy formats.

The e-copy of C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine offers a more interactive experience with play buttons, picture buttons, video, links and much more.

And, because we currently live in a world of technology, we have entered the social networks of Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs where we update our followers about the tv/movie scene in Houston and in Texas.

Our mission is simple: To create a viable and lasting television and motion picture industry that can sustain itself here in this city. To discover our television and movie makers, our actors and our communities that contribute to the overall economy of this industry. To develop industry standards that lead the way and supercede the standards that have been in place for some time and that have stifled the industry in creativity, function and in the free exercise of distribution and business in a market of free trade. To recognize and honor those individuals that have significantly contributed to the state of our local environment and have contributed to the overall continuation of our industry here in this city and this state. Lastly, to support our television and movie makers by advertisement, publicity, write-ups, attending premieres and screenings, participating in test screenings, referrals, and financial support and funding for projects.

We are about our television and movie makers. Our conviction is strong and our purpose is clear. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Let's bring the motion picture and television industry to Houston. And, let's support our television and movie makers.

The support for this magazine is amazing and the donations that come in, pay for photographers and writers and, of course, the cost of printing. We hope to continue to provide more news, more interactivity and it can only happen with less commercial value. We hope to continue to provide our followers with substance and quality articles.

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